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The History Of The Men's Trophies


This was originally called the President's Cup having been presented to the Club by Mr. C. E. Burnell the Club's first President in 1910.

After his death in 1959 the Cup was renamed. It is a Stableford competition and a permanent challenge cup.


Donated by Mr. Harry Stephenson, a House Furnisher of Shepton Mallet. Originally a match play competition between eight qualifiers after a qualifying round. He disapproved of only three quarters of the difference in handicaps being allowed and stipulated that the full difference be given in the play off.

The trophy is now played for as a Stableford competition.


This was presented to the Club in 1930 by Mr. C. H. Young who was the Club's Auditor. The original rules provided for eight qualifying rounds spaced over four months the sixteen qualifiers being drawn for a knock-out match play competition. Two thirds of the entry fees were given to the Shepton Mallet District Hospital which was then a hospital supported by voluntary contributions. For many years it has been played as a knock-out match play competition with no qualifying rounds. Mr. Young was a prominent Somerset golfer having played for the County for many years and was Captain of the County in 1946/7 and President in 1949. He was elected an honorary life member of the Club on his leaving the district.


This was provided by the Club in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935. It is a medal competition.


This was presented to the Club by the President (Mr. C. E. Burnell) in commemoration of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1952. It is a medal competition.


The late Mr. Berkeley Hall served the Club for many years as Hon. Auditor, a Member of the Committee and in the last year of his life as President. After his death in 1950 Mrs. Hall presented this trophy to the Club in his memory. It is played as a foursome medal competition.


This was inaugurated in 1962 and was originally a scratch knock-out competition restricted to members with handicaps of 15 or less. In 1972 it was decided to change it to a 36 hole medal competition without handicap and it is now played in this form.


Mr. A. G. L. Anderson who had been a prominent member of the Club since 1925 and a former Captain and Chairman was President in 1962 and when it was decided that the Club Championship should be restricted to players with handicaps of 15 or less gave this cup for competition by members with higher handicaps. It was originally a knock-out match play competition for members of handicap 16 or above. The handicap limit is now 14. Matches are played level with no stroke allowance.


This cup was presented by Mr. Keith Showering in 1965 when he was President of the Club. It is a medal competition and was formerly known as the President's Cup.


When the Club Championship was changed from a match play competition to a medal competition it was felt that there was a need for a scratch knock-out match play competition and Mr. L. E. Rickards presented this Cup in 1972 to be played for accordingly. The handicap limit is 14.
Mr. Rickards was Captain of the Club in 1937 and has been involved in the administration of the Club for very many years. He was Somerset County President in 1950.


This Cup was presented to the Club in 1959 by Mr. R. Fell. It is a medal competition spread over a week. A proportion of the entry fees are donated to the R.A.F. Association.


This Cup was presented by Mr. Bill Freeman (Hon. Sec. 1955-1965) in 1972. It is a Stableford competition for Seniors.


This too was presented by Mr. Freeman in 1976. It is a match play Round Robin competition usually arranged in two groups with a play-off between the group winners.


This cup was provided by the Club. It is a 36 hole open net competition, first played for in September 1972. The handicap limit is 12 but depends upon the ballot.


A cup presented in 1977 by Mr. E. A. Sims, a member, to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee. It is a medal competition.