CASC stands for a Community Amateur Sports Club. Only clubs owned by the members can join CASC and over 500 have already done so.

Mendip Golf Club joined CASC in 2009, but new rules were introduced in 2015, and to be safe the then- Board decided to withdraw. However in 2019, after a full review to ensure we are completely compliant, your Board decided to re-apply.

Mendip Golf Club Ltd fully complies with all the conditions which allow membership. The main  ones are as follows;

       Mendip Golf Club has Articles of Association that ensure that -

a. It is open for membership to the whole community with membership on a non-discriminatory and fair basis

              b. Surplus income and gains cannot be distributed to its members or third parties

c.  If it is dissolved, all its assets are distributed to sporting or charitable organisations

  Mendip Golf Club  can demonstrate it has special arrangements to ensure those unable to afford the full membership fees can participate fully in the clubs activities for no more than £520 per year. These special income arrangements are clearly and openly advertised on this website.
(See our Full Membership page for details)

Mendip Golf Club Ltd cannot have non-member income (ie most other sources of income except membership fees) exceeding £100,000. Non-member income includes bar and catering income, green fees and society income, which are accounted for in a fully owned subsidiary, Mendip Golf Club (Development) Ltd.  All profits generated in this subsidiary are donated tax free back to Mendip Golf Club Ltd within nine months of the year end

The significant benefits of being a member of CASC are as follows;

              Mandatory 80% business rate relief

              20% added to any donations to a CASC from tax paying individuals

If any member of the public or an existing Mendip Golf Club member believes they are eligible for full membership for £520 or less, please contact Jim Scott, our secretary on, who will be delighted to discuss your financial situation with you on a completely confidential basis