Full Membership Offer

Winter Membership

Membership Subscriptions - 1st October 2018-31st March 2019

5&7 Day Memberships Available

Category Subscription  - NO JOINING FEES

Category NumberCategory NameFee

Full 7-Day£839

Five Day£733

Intermediate A (35-39)£599

Intermediate B (30-35)£495

Intermediate C (23-29)£395

Intermediate D (18-22)£275

Student ***£226


Junior U16FREE

Junior U18£111

Child of Member U16 **£0


All subscriptions exclude Union Fees and Insurances.
£22.75 for Men
£21.75 for Ladies

** Children of members under 16 who have a Congu HCP & play in adult competitions pay Junior Rate - £36.

***Must be In Full-Time Education (Uni etc.)

Very Attractive Monthly Direct Debit Scheme Available


For details of any of the membership options, please contact Clare or David on 01749 840570 (ext 6) or secretary@mendipgolfclub.com