New Members

May we take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to The Mendip Golf Club. Thank you for choosing Mendip as your Home Club and we hope you enjoy your time here.

In your New Members Pack you will find your bag tag and Membership card.

Your Membership card allows you to purchase drinks at a discounted rate and food from the bar.

The card also enables you to pay for entry into Competitions using the computer screen in the Clubhouse foyer. You can also check your account history using this screen.

To enter competitions, you will need a current handicap. You may have transferred your handicap from a previous club or require a new one. If you need a new handicap then complete 3 cards ( at Mendip ) with a Member who holds a current handicap. These cards can be handed into the office and an official handicap will be allocated as quickly as possible. Once you have a handicap you will also be able to entry competitions online.

If you wish to play social golf, there is no need to book a tee time. We do not operate tee times at Mendip for casual games but would encourage you to either check availability via the website diary or tee reservations page.

As a Member you may invite 3 players a day to play with you at a discounted Guest Rate of £25 each.

As a Member you also benefit from discounted rates on hire of trolleys and buggies.

You are able to take full advantage of our reciprocal arrangements where you can play at various Clubs in the area for between £12.50 and £18.00.

Mendip Golf club is very proud to be part of the 1908 Club, an agreement which allows members to play other courses which were also established in 1908 for FREE. The list of clubs is in the members section and bookings should be made through the Secretary's Office.